Surface and layer analysis

Surface properties of materials are significant for their usability, durability and thus quality.


Optics, haptics, corrosion behavior, electrical conductivity, wetting behavior, biological interactions, adhesion of coatings and many other properties are essentially determined by the chemistry on the surface.

The Center for Applied Analytics ZAA offers a comprehensive portfolio of advanced techniques for surface and coating analysis as well as paint analysis. The focus is on the characterization of coatings and surfaces made of glass, ceramics, metals or (hybrid) polymers. The methods are combined in a meaningful way and interpreted in a solution-oriented manner in the overall context of your requirements.

The ZAA portfolio is rounded off by modern sample preparation methods such as ion beam preparation.

Our offer

  • Determination of weathering resistance (light/UV resistance, moisture/corrosion resistance, etc.)
  • Determination of mechanical surface properties and abrasion resistance with subsequent measurement of transmission and light scattering.

  • Determination of
    • Microhardness
    • Roughness parameters
    • Layer thicknesses by means of different methods
    • Wetting angles

  • ATR-IR spectroscopy
  • Micro-RAMAN spectroscopy

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