Mechanical materials testing: load test of materials under compression, elongation, bending

Testing materials with regard to their mechanical properties is essential, for example, to confirm their product safety and suitability for use under specific loads. Mechanical materials testing classically examines characteristic values such as strength properties, elongation behavior, flexural strength, hardness and toughness of various materials.

Fraunhofer ISC offers a wide range of standardized test methods (DIN, ISO, EN) that can be quickly adapted to the specific measurement task as required and agreed.

Our offer

Standard testing

  • Fracture, compression, (micro) tensile strength

  • E-modulus, toughness

  • Compressive shear and shear strength

Special testing

  • 2- and 3-media abrasion

  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)

  • (Micro-)Hardness

Dental division


  • Model system for tooth adhesion

  • In-situ compressive force for dental crowns

  • Chewing simulation, thermocycling

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