State-of-the-art analytics portfolio

The Center for Applied Analytics ZAA as part of the Fraunhofer ISC in Würzburg offers you a comprehensive analytics portfolio of various state-of-the-art testing and development services to find the right answer for your particular problem.

In addition to many standard test methods, our portfolio also includes rare test methods, development and set-up of test methods. In combination with well-founded material expertise from a wide variety of fields, test results are interpreted precisely - and, if desired, customized solutions are also offered.

Our core competences


Analysis of nano-

Nanoparticles play an important role in many technical materials and everyday products due to their special properties. With transmission and scanning electron microscopy, we have key technologies for imaging the particles and determining their size distribution, chemical composition, structure and morphology.


Chemical analysis

Accredited analysis of glass and ceramic products: from wet chemical characterization of container glass according to e.g. ISO 4802 to full analysis of the material by ICP-OES or XRF.


Damage analysis

In addition to meaningful analysis results and measurement data, we offer a technically profound evaluation and interpretation of the results for material and process optimization based on the available information.


Material analysis and testing

Chemical and physical material characterization (building materials, glasses, plastics) according to the current state of the art, according to standard or individually compiled - according to your needs.


Physical properties
of glass

Thanks to its roots in the field of glass research, Fraunhofer ISC has numerous physical methods at its disposal for characterizing glass, glass ceramics and enamels. These include optical stress measurements as well as thermal properties.


Surface and layer

The characterization of surfaces and layer structures plays a key role for subsequent processing or also for the evaluation of defects. Therefore, with a focus on glass, ceramics and metals, we offer individual solutions with the latest technology (e.g. XPS, SEM, LSM).


Sample preparation

Our ion beam preparation offers virtually artifact-free, brilliantly sharp display of the preparation of diverse materials and any combination of materials (including concrete, biological material, wood, adhesives, metal).


Thermal analysis

Thermal parameters of a material, such as melting point or linear expansion, define its possible applications. For this purpose, the various methods of thermal analysis in conjunction with coupled techniques offer optimal possibilities for characterizing even small samples.