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Center for Applied Analytics ZAA

Analytical services for industry, chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, diagnostics, mechanical engineering and cosmetics.


The Center for Applied Analytics ZAA at the Fraunhofer ISC in Würzburg offers its customers and project partners a comprehensive portfolio of analytical and test procedures as well as unique preparation methods. As an analytical laboratory, our focus is on the analysis of polymers, glasses, chemicals, mineral fibers and in the field of medical technology.

In addition to many standard test methods, our core competences also include rare test procedures, development and construction of test and inspection methods. In combination with well-founded material expertise from various fields, test results are precisely interpreted and, if desired, assistance in solving the individual problem is offered.  

We are well equipped to meet the requirements of research and development and also offer our partners from industry and economy the optimization of production processes and accompanying quality assurance.


You can expect:

  • A very broad interdisciplinary portfolio of analyses:
    Many possible combinations to quickly obtain meaningful information, especially in the event of damage
  • An almost artifact-free sample preparation:
    uniquely sharp insights into diverse materials and any combination of materials (including concrete, biological materials, wood, adhesives, metal)
  • A sound interpretation of the results:
    from inorganics to cell structures, if necessary by experienced material scientists from the Fraunhofer ISC

Our broadly diversified portfolio


Damage Analysis


In addition to meaningful analysis results and measurement data, we offer a technically sound evaluation and interpretation of the results for material and process optimization based on the available information.


Chemical Analysis


Accredited analytics of glass and ceramic products: from the wet chemical characterization of container glass according to e.g. ISO 4802 to the full analysis of the material by ICP-OES or XRF


Materials Testing

Chemical and physical material characterization (building materials, glasses, plastics) according to the current state of the art, according to standard or individually compiled - according to your needs.



Sample Preparation

Our ion beam preparation offers an almost artifact-free preparation of various materials and any combination of materials (including concrete, biological materials, wood, adhesives, metal) for brilliantly sharp images.

Nanomaterials /-particles

In both classical and transmission electron microscopes, we possess a key technology for imaging the particles and determining their size distribution, chemical composition, structure and morphology.

Surface and Layer Analysis

We offer individual solutions for the characterization of surface and layer structures as a basis for subsequent processing or defect evaluation. 

Physical Properties of Glass

We have numerous physical methods for the characterization of glass, glass ceramics and enamels.


Various methods of thermal analysis in combination with related techniques offer optimal possibilities for characterizing even small samples.


Further analytic services at the Fraunhofer ISC


Battery and Cell Testing

Modern laboratory and pilot plant rooms with extensive equipment enable complex, detailed screening and evaluation procedures on individual battery components and also finished modules.


The Fraunhofer ISC offers a first-class infrastructure in the field of bioanalytics for the following areas, among others biotechnology, cosmetics industry, medical technology, pharmaceutical industry and (university) hospitals.


Cultural Heritage Preservation / Environmental Analysis

Modern measuring and analysis methods in use for the preservation of cultural assets also for future generations.

Electrochemistry /
Post mortem analysis

Comprehensive chemical and electrochemical characterization methods for the cell and its individual components


Process Analytics

Optimization and control of manufacturing processes. For example: Thermo-optical measuring methods.

of (hybrid)polymeric



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Dr. Jürgen Meinhardt

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Alexander Reinholdt

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Dr. Alexander Reinholdt

Head of Center for Applied Analytics

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