Damage analysis: Identification of material defects and root cause analysis

Material defects and material damage can severely disrupt production in the company and possibly result in expensive consequences through recourse claims or recalls. Fast and competent help through targeted damage analyses is particularly important here.

Thanks to years of experience and interdisciplinary expertise at the Fraunhofer ISC, damage can be analyzed and investigated quickly and precisely by the ZAA's scientists. In doing so, we look out for surface cracks, wetting disorders, contamination, component fractures and material failure, for example, and thus offer you professional damage analysis or materials testing.


In addition to meaningful analysis results and measurement data, you receive a technically profound evaluation and interpretation of the results, if necessary also solution proposals with regard to material and process optimization.
In discussions with our customers, this has not least resulted in suggestions and ideas for new product developments.

Our offer

  • Discussion and analysis of the problem with the customer
  • Selection of target-oriented analysis methods from the portfolio of the ZAA and, if necessary, the entire Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
  • Preparation of offer incl. time schedule

  • Discussion of results and preparation of report
  • If necessary, suggestions based on the results for remedying the customer's problem

Environmental analysis

You can find out more about environmental analytics on the Fraunhofer ISC website.

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